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Amazing Discoveries exists to expose deceptions and affirm the truth. Life is complicated enough and with so many voices competing for attention, it’s hard to know where to find honest truth. At Amazing Discoveries, we know truth lies only with its Source, Jesus Christ, who reveals the truth through His Holy Word, the Bible.

We affirm Bible truths – truths that have been forgotten, distorted or trodden upon. We expose the enemy’s lies and get to the root of deceptions that put people’s eternal lives at risk. We use Scripture to teach, exhort, and encourage. With the Bible as our resource, we tackle tough challenges and answer hard questions.

Find answers to your questions about life, Christianity and philosophy, the Bible and current events, prophecy, faith and science, Biblical health, country living, and more. Increase your knowledge and improve your understanding. Browse hundreds of in-depth Bible study video series on AmazingDiscoveries TV. In addition to online Bible study video series, you’ll also find practical how-to videos, inspirational sermons, and stirring testimonies from everyday people.

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Dig deep into God’s Word and find out what the Bible really teaches on topics that matter to you. Look into the future through a study of Bible prophecy. See how to let Scripture interpret itself. Find clarification on perplexing texts. Discover the keys to understanding puzzling passages. Get to know the Author of the Bible by studying His Word with Bible-grounded speakers like Walter Veith, Barbara O'Neill, and Pavel Goia, in our Bible study video series. Want to discover the truth in the Bible yourself and gain the confidence to share it with others? Our online Bible study tools are here to help!

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Want to try something different? Learn something new? We’ve got presenters who are hands-on kind of people who love to share what they’ve learned about natural health, cooking, and country living. Browse our video lineup and see how it’s done!

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Hear your favorite speakers and discover new favorites. Be challenged to live your best Christian life. Be strengthened to fight the good fight of faith. Discover God’s plan for the world and for you. Find hope in God’s Word.

Want to hear faith-building, inspirational stories from real people? Hear how God has been involved in the lives of others. Listen as they share what Jesus did in their lives and what salvation means to them. Catch a glimpse of God’s purpose for your life and the relationship He wants to enjoy with you.